Choosing Between Traditional vs. Immediate-placement Implants

Illustration of a dental implant fused to the jawbone

Dental implants are an ideal restorative treatment for patients with missing teeth. These small metal posts are embedded in the jaw to replace missing tooth roots. The posts eventually become fused with the surrounding bone through a process known as osseointegration. As a result, implant patients can enjoy a lifetime of support for permanent dental restorations.

Thanks to advancements in restorative dentistry, we can now place dental implants and restorations during a single visit to our office. However, same-day dental implants are not right for everyone.  During a consultation, we can help you weigh the benefits of traditional vs. immediate-placement implants at our Livingston, NJ, practice. Whether you are missing one tooth or an entire dental arch, the experienced doctors at  Livingston Dental Arts can find a restorative treatment to meet your unique needs. Contact our office to schedule your dental implant consultation.

Traditional Implant Placement

Traditional implant placement involves two main procedures. During the first procedure, the metal posts will be surgically placed in the jaw. As they heal over the course of four to six months, the implants will integrate into the natural bone structure. Once the area has healed, you will undergo a second procedure to have an abutment placed. An abutment is a connector that rests above the gum line. With the abutment firmly in place, our doctors can then secure a permanent crown, denture, or bridge which offers unmatched strength and support. Implants not only provide incredible support for restorations, they also help to improve your oral health by halting the bone loss that occurs after tooth loss. 

Immediate-placement Implants

If you are in need of anterior tooth replacement, we may be able to restore your smile after a single visit with immediate placement-implants. Placing both your implants and restoration during a single visit offers patients several benefits. With immediate implant placement, you will not have to schedule multiple visits with several months of waiting in between, saving you time. Additionally, you can enjoy immediate dental function without the use of a temporary restoration. No matter if you select traditional or immediate placement, we will work with an off-site lab to provide a beautiful custom restoration that will help to restore the form and function of your smile.

Evaluating Your Candidacy

We can evaluate your candidacy for implants and determine the best placement method during a personal consultation with one of our doctors. When considering a patient's candidacy for dental implants, one of the most important factors is the strength of his or her jaw. Using x-rays and 3D cone beam scans, your practitioner can evaluate whether you have sufficient jawbone density to support implants. If you are deemed a candidate, the doctor will determine the best type of placement with the help of advanced software. We will also work with you to select the best type of custom implant-supported crown, bridge, or denture.

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At  Livingston Dental Arts, we work with implant patients to help them enjoy beautiful smiles and improved oral health. Contact our office to schedule a consultation with one of our skilled doctors.

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